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Pete-Diddy in da hizzy

Keepin' the Pimp Hand Strong!

The Pimp On Duty
26 July 1982

True believers!

Welcome to my life...

24 Years have gone by and it's been crazy I can tell you that. I've been on LJ for almost 5 years now. And it's been one hell of a ride. So jump on, hold on tight, cause it gets crazy.

I've been told I'm an angel in disguise, devoted to helping the world with their problems. Some times, I think it's true. But other times, I'm a human who is still learning the ropes. I work in Fire/EMS and Criminal Justice as a Medical Examiner Investigator, so I put my ass on the line every day. And I still try to make it home in time to keep a life outside of the lights and sirens. And when I'm not playing rescue, I am trying to be a personal super hero and all around nice guy.

Oppressed, Distressed, regressed, and depressed..whatever I am today. I know one thing, I'm still devoted to my goal. Saving the world..one person at a time.

My internet pimp hand is strong....

"Let us not forget, There is hope" - The Crystal Method

"Problems are just life aspects, but all life aspects are not problems." - Me

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I broke down and got a Myspace account.
Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I also subscribe to the Dramacrat way of life. So if this offends you, you can move right along. If not, jump on board.

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